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About Me

My name is Andy, and yes I have a few extra pounds.


I have always loved photography, but various factors over the years have stopped me realising the dream: 'doing photography full time'.  Now I finally am on that road. It will be many moons before I give up (or reduce the hours) of my day job, but pursuing a dream is better than not bothering.

In any case photography is a fascinating practice, and there is such great joy in learning new aspects of the subjects, and developing and honing my ability and vision.

This site will track my development over the coming years, and I will develop this site in turn. At present I am working on stock photography, which is being accepted and made available on stock agency sites. New directions will come.

All photographs, as they become commercially available are listed on the FatManPhoto Blog.
The development of FatManPhoto is also tracked through my Twitter account.

I am also an experienced technical and marketing writer. This complements my photography meaning I can literally supply with ‘Words and Pictures’.  I am currently based in Bournemouth, on the south coast of England, United Kingdom.

If you are interested in my work, or what I can do for you, please get in contact.


I am based in Bournemouth, on the south coast of England. If you want to know more or use my services, please email me.



All photos available on stock sites are described on the FatManPhoto Blog (http://fatmanphoto.blogspot.co.uk/)

  • picture“having a camera can make you see a scene in a new way.”
  • picture“Wait until the light is right. “
  • picture“Even a day at the seaside brings camera fun.”

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